Price: $479.00
Model #: RACK-40U-FR
19" Frame Rack - RACK-40U-FR
40U 4 Post Steel Frame Rack
Sheet steel : For high load capacity
Two pair of post frame
Heavy duty plinth, allows you to bolt on ground
Two pair of angle support for post and plinth
40 pcs M6 bolt screws W/washer
50 pcs M5 self-tapping screws
40 pcs M6 square nuts
Depth connection brackets
Max. depth 29"(base), 22.5"(post to post), 16.5"(for rail)
Design by heavy duty metal, allows you to install your
system server, not just for cabling
Allows you to install a sliding rail, not just stack them
Allows you to connect more racks side by side
Easy assembly

* Castor Optional ( need 4 castor per rack)

Overall: width: base to base = 22 1/8" post to post = 20 1/8"
Interior Width: hole to hole width: 19", maximum equipment width: 17 11/16"
Depth (base): 29 3/8", post to post = 22.75"
Height: 74.5", useable height: 70"
Maximum length of sliding rail's brackets: 16.5"
Weight (lbs): 86.00